REM (Random Expression Movement)

REM (Random Expression Movement) is an Artist Exhibition Center  where artist members have their own studio space, create mind bending exhibits and sell their art. Open to the public, REM will be a showcase for artist’s abilities to create OUT OF THE BOX exhibits.

By taking over the old St. Joseph Manor in Florence we are transformed the 24,000 sq. ft. building  into a unique art center with exhibits, shows, classes, events and workspace. REM  consist of a diverse membership of a  of artists who create wondrous creative and artistic realities together. Each room is like entering a whole new world.Artists from all disciplines of art are welcome to join: dance, music, video, stage setting, fabrication, theater and more.  REM’s main purpose is to promote its members and give the community a new look on art.  Each artist is a member of REM. Member artists gather together to dream up  art instillations (or exhibits) and together they create them. Members get studio space of their own to work from, access to a variety of equipment, materials and help. We also have a storeroom filled with free materials to aid in any project.  REM will offer art openings, special events, dance and art entertainment, music, private parties, workshops, speakers and classes.


600 W. 3rd. St.

Florence,  CO  81226

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